A great speech isn’t just well-written.  It reflects a deep understanding of your strategic goals.  It breaks down complicated subjects to make them not just comprehensible but engaging to a broad audience.  It makes a real argument that persuades, inspires, and motivates people to action.  Most of all, it sounds like nobody but you.

I’ve worked with dozens of public servants and private citizens to craft compelling speeches for a wide variety of audiences.  When we work together, I won’t just hand you a script and wish you luck.  I’ll be your partner every step of the way, from message development to editing and rehearsal—and I don’t charge by the hour. My work isn’t done until you’re ready to take the stage with a great speech in hand and confidence you never thought possible.


Op-eds and open letters.  Emails and social media posts.  Newsletters and blog posts.  Fundraising materials and internal communications.  For every great idea, every compelling message, there are myriad ways to communicate it to a wide variety of audiences.  But few organizations have the bandwidth to take advantage of all these opportunities. 

Worse, many fail to align this work with their broader strategic plan.  It’s not enough to give your principal the right talking points—whenever your organization speaks, in whatever form it speaks, it must be on-message.  Whether it’s preparing a brand audit of your external communications or developing a comprehensive portfolio of content for your next big launch, I can help.


You and your team can become better, more persuasive, more confident writers—and speakers—over the course of a single afternoon.  Whether it’s delivery training for principals or writing workshops for staff, I can help your organization develop more effective communicators.   

I’ve offered practical, easy-to-use tips in widely-attended workshops at South by Southwest, and I’ve delved deep into the theory and practice of speechwriting as an Adjunct Member of the faculty at George Washington University’s School of Media and Public Affairs.  When it comes to this work, one size definitely does not fit all, so contact me to discuss building a workshop or training session specifically for your organization.